BBF = Beautiful Best-est Friend

Everyone has their own best pal, may it be a guy or a girl, or halfway. 🙂


Thirteen years ago, when I was in grade one section Cattleya, my path crossed with this beautiful and innocent looking tall grade school-er  Our lives started with a shared simple piece of paper.


Years and years have passed with memories to cherish forever.






IMG_2701 (2)



I am so happy that until now, that girl is my ever beautiful, charming, understanding, and strong BBF. 🙂


To the girl who is always there for me,
I love you, BBF. 🙂


Two is Better than One

Since I was a kid, I’ve always wanted to do things on my own. Being the eldest in the family, I was taught of the independence unconsciously. I got fond of learning alone. I am used in solving problems without the help of others.

Being independent is not a problem to make big deal of.

Fortunately, last September 14, 2012, I realized that two is better than one. One should always find their happiness. One should always get rid of the hindrances to achieve that ultimate goal of a man. One should always let his heart open waiting for that special someone to knock. Proudly saying, my other half is now completing me. ❤

Again, two is better than one. 🙂

End as the New Beginning

This Dark Cherry Mocha frapp from my cool mother marks the end of a one tiring day. It also serves as the new page of the very mentally torturing and sleepless days.

Chemical Process Industries final exam down. 4 to go!

It’s never too late.
Someday it will make sense. 🙂

Colours of Sheena

This is my first ever-loved set of soft pastels for DIY hair coloring. Looking forward to making use of it with Kesia and Lemuel. 🙂